Our Sponsors: Kwanko

About Kwanko

Founded in 2003, Kwanko is a French group specialized in web and mobile online advertising: ?

  • Our business: Performance Marketing ?
  • Our channels: web advertising, mobile advertising and RTB emailing ?
  • Our vocation: help our advertisers generate more sales, more leads and more quality traffic to their websites and their mobile apps / help our editors maximize their advertising revenues.

In order to optimize the performance of its campaigns, Kwanko draws on the expertise of its experts and its proprietary platforms: NetAffiliation for Affiliate Marketing campaigns

Kwanko Mobile, a pioneer of Mobile Advertising.

With this Marketplace, advertisers can launch branding, apps download and geolocated campaigns to drive traffic to their stores. In 2015, Kwanko also took a stake in Emailbidding, an RTB Emailing self-service platform to reinforce its multi-channel strategy. Already present in 18 countries in Europe and LATAM, Kwanko's ambition is to become a worldwide player in Online Performance Advertising.

Domains of expertise: Advertising & Performance Marketing, Marketing Consulting and Web Development, Affiliate marketing, Lead generation, Mobile marketplace, Drive -to store campaigns, CPA campaigns, and Traffic and CPC campaigns