September 2022 Lunch

How to communicate fairly on your transition efforts?

Faced with an increasingly demanding consumer regarding sustainability guarantees on one end, and authorities hoping to influence consumer behavior through marketing and advertising constraints on the other end, companies are at a loss when it comes to communicating their transition efforts.
The urgency to accelerate initiatives at all levels of society and the economy towards a more sustainable world is now widely shared. But if we have the intuition that communicating massively on the subject is one of the ways to modify individual and collective choices, sustainability becomes a lever systematically used by marketers, sometimes justifiably, sometimes abusively, creating even more confusion for us as consumers.
At a time when greenwashing is being tracked down by all, between supporters of “must speak up” (even if we are still lacking in coherence), and those who “must remain silent” until they are beyond reproach, we need marketing guidance more than ever.
At the head of AIR, one of the pioneering advertising agencies in the field of sustainability, Stéphane Buisseret, accompanied by José Fernandez, Chief Customer Experience Officer, D’Ieteren, will enlighten us, with passion and commitment, on the 22nd of September during a lunch session, on the codes of fair but also impactful communication in the field of sustainability and new business models.

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Practical details

Ce lunch débat se tiendra au OFF Meeting Wavre, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 412 – 1300 Wavre
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Discover our guests

Stéphane Buisseret

CEO of Air

After a masters degree in communication at IHECS, Stéphane started his career in advertising.
At 35 he was the youngest ad agency’s CEO of his generation and had the privilege to lead multiple Publicis Group’s agencies across several cultures and markets from Belgium to the Netherlands and EMEA’s.

Stéphane has always been driven by passion and is convinced that “brands can play a meaningful role in people’s life”.

Air has always been very engaged in Social-Societal and environmental matters. Defending human rights for more than 20 years with Amnesty International. Helping change mentalities towards Handicap with Cap 48 for decades.

However the urge to build a better world and the need for a dramatic behavioral change have convinced us that we should go all the way.
This is where we decided that our sustainable commitment would become an essential part of our business.
In full agreement with Mahatma Gandhi’s apocryphal quote “be the change you want to see in the world”, Air is today one of the very first agencies in Belgium awaiting the b-corp certification.

José Fernandez

Chief Customer Experience, Marketing & Digital Officer, D’Ieteren

José Fernandez is Chief Customer Experience, Marketing & Digital Officer at D’Ieteren, where he manages the media, CRM, customer experience, digital marketing, Data and Events teams that operate transversally to support all areas of the company’s sales activities.

With more than 30 years’ experience in marketing, José began his career with the Vandemoortele Group, where he occupied a number of different Sales & Marketing positions from 1991 to 2000, both in Belgium and internationally. Then, as Associate Partner, he was involved with the launch of Actito, the pioneer of CRM in the Belgian market, before moving in 2009 to LBI, one of the largest digital marketing agencies, which subsequently became part of the Publicis Group under the name of Digital. While there, he occupied the position of Client Service and Strategy Director, before being appointed CEO for Belgium. At the beginning of 2017, José took his career a step further at Dentsu as Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of iProspect.
He joined D’Ieteren in September 2019 to oversee the transformation of Belgium’s leading company in the automotive sector as a member of the Management Board.

José is a regular keynote speaker on the marketing scene in Belgium, playing a role with BAM, the ACC and UBA (where he is also a member of the Executive Committee and chairs the media expert group). He has also taught digital marketing at ICHEC.