We work together to make marketing and management relevant in Belgium

Yves Gérard

President BMMA

Since June 2013 : Chairman of the BMMA - Belgian Management and Marketing Association
Since May 2013 : Member of the EGTA Board (Treasurer)
Since September 2002 : General Manager of RMB (Régie Média Belge)
Since February 2002 : Board Member at the CIM After receiving a degree in communication and economy from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), I held various positions at Mc Cann Erikson , Space (Media Agency) and Carat Crystal from 1986 to 1991.

In 1991, I joined RMB as Director of the TV Department and I became Deputy General Manager in 1997.

Valérie Janssens


After studying the law at the UCL in Belgium in 2000, Valérie felt in love with the media business when starting her carreer at RTL Group in Luxembourg. Since then, she took over different leading positions in reknowned media/telco companies such as Belgacom (now Proximus), Skynet, IPM and now RMB, giving her an extensive knowledge and solid experience in TV, Radio, Press, Digital and Advertising matters.

She also participated in major projects such as the IPO’s at RTL Group and Belgacom, the acquisition of football rights at Skynet, the launch of The Voice season 1 in Belgium, the development around CRM, programmatic buying and addressable TV at RMB.

Valérie is also alumni of the Executive Master in Marketing & Advertising of the Solvay Brussels School and Vice-President of the BMMA.

Jean Quatresooz

Founder & Honorary President BMMA

Introduced on the Belgian market the first programs of media planning and space buying, the Media-Products Surveys concept, the audience studies of Outdoor media, the Audimeters for TV audience measurement, the Socio-Cultural Trends study.

Born in Liège in 1937. Graduated first in his class at ROYAL MILITARY ACADEMY (1958) Degrees in Psychology (ULG) and in Mathematics Applied to Management (ULB) / Postgraduate Certificate in Statistics (Institute of Statistics (ULB)). Managing Director of SOBEMAP - MARKETING (1969 - 1989).

President of INRA (International Research Associates) between 1989 and 2000. Consultant for development and application of research tools since then. Professor SOLVAY BUSINESS SCHOOL (ULB) (1976 - 2002).

Founder of BMMA in 1972 and President of this Association till 1991. Past President of ESOMAR and EMC (European Marketing Council) European countries.

Vincent Delmotte

VP & Treasurer BMMA

In 1997, after finishing a Degree in Communication, he started up one of the first online ad networks in Belgium: RMB Online. At the beginning of the 2000’s, he has held the position of COO for one of the country’s most important interactive agencies: ZB22.

In 2003, he becomes Sales Director at PublicityWeb. As a result of the take-over purchase by the HiMedia Group, he is been holding the post of Managing Director at HiMedia Belgium (now AdUX) since 2006 & Founder and Managing Partner at AdExpert since 2015.

Thierry Antoine

Secretary BMMA

At your disposal while listening carefully.

I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and after having worked in various Insurance Companies and in small Brussels communication agencies.

I am working since 1987 at the BMMA and I am splitting my time between the BMMA and our marketing program at the Solvay Brussels School.

Joëlle Liberman


Joelle Liberman studied sociology at ULB Free University Brussels. After four years experience in different market research companies (Cegos Markrotest / Burke) Joëlle launched Egerie Research a consultancy specializing in investigation of people motivations and behaviors and societal trends analysis. Joëlle's job consist in providing insights about user’s points of views in order to orient business developments. Egerie helps decisions makers of any sectors to take into account users reality: prosumers, citizens, patients, co-workers, etc. Joëlle took part to the Jury of the EFFIE Awards between 2009 and 2015 with the last 3 years as first female President of the Jury. She is involved in the BMMA since 2008 including 5 years as General Director.

David Hachez


Remember we are alive, everyday.

Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Digital Transformation Booster, UX / CX oriented. Music passionate. Co-founder @Emolytics.

Alain Mayné


At your disposal while listening carefully.

Coming soon

Anny Schmit


"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."-John Quincy Adams

Anny's career has taken her to work on many aspects of the marcom industry, from the media sales house and agency worlds to the advertiser's side. Started her career at RMB working on cinema advertising, She then joined the Warner Bros. Belgium team as Marketing Manager and Managing Director. A few years later, Anny was appointed as Managing Director of the market leading media agency Carat, where she handled top market advertisers in various sectors. She is currently working as a consultant for Belga Films where she coordinates the theatrical and physical/digital home entertainment distribution and the marketing launch of the new cinema brand "White. Anny is also one of the instigators of the M.E.D.I.A. initiative ("our Media Environment Deserves Ideas and Ambition"), association of the R12 (media sales houses) and the UMA (United Media Agencies) who joined forces around the project to enhance the media advertising environment for advertisers.

Sandrine Paquay


Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.

Sandrine Paquay is licenced in advertising from IHECS in Brussels, in 1998. She then started a career in agencies (local and international) and at the advertiser’s side where she mainly manages customers, product’s launches and strategic development for FMCG, pharmaceutical or financial clients, mobility. Since 2012, she is a administrator at the BMMA which enables since its establishment, encounters and exchanges in different aspects of management, communication and marketing. Since 2013, she works as Consultant for different clients.

Nicolas Bataille


We don't do digital marketing. We do marketing for a digital world.

Digital marketing expert, passionate by Internet since 1997. Founder & Online manager of creaxial since 2001. Creaxial.net is a belgian web agency working for great advertisers such as Belgacom, Media Marketing, MeDirect Bank, Spa, Velux, Mutualités Chrétiennes, Proximus, Dior, Snapstore, ...

I've spent 15 years in the ONline business, strategy, development & creativity. Mobile & Social are the next digital challenges for our digital industry and every member of our passionate team.

Open minded manager I am now part of Strategie Agency as head of digital.

Anne-Françoise Piette


Marketing is common sense, start by understanding your consumer & speak his language, the rest will follow.

Experienced Marketeer – Master Marketeer and Marketeer of the Year 2004. Anne-Françoise is recognised above all for her work on Eurostar, which she has managed in Belgium during 9 years (2002-2011) as Director Sales & Marketing: 9 years to create a commercial team, to double turnover and ms, to create a strong brand recognised by the market and especially by numerous awards (Grand Effie 2009, Grand Prix CCB, Campaign of the Year, Advertiser of the Year, etc.). Previously, Marketing Manager at Ericsson (1998-2001), Marketing Manager at Bacardi Martini (1997-1998) and Group Head at Bongrain (1991-1997).

Board Member of BMMA, member of a number of Judging Panels, such as Marketeer of the Year and the Effies Awards. Graduated from ICHEC (Economic and Financial Sciences) in 1988.

Now AF is Marketing, Communication & Business Development Director at UITP where she is responsible for the Worldwide strategy of this important association active in the Urban Mobility & Public Transport Sector.

Yoni Szpiro


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

After a double Master in Political Sciences/ International relations & later in Management at the Solvay Business School, I started my career as a Recruitment Consultant in the year 2000 working for one of the most reknown recruitment business franchise worldwide. And I must say that I fall in love directly with the industry. For the first 9 years of my career, I enhance my role as a tutor and change agent to positively impact the employment market as employee. But since 2009, I took the lead as entrepreneur and found Generations’ Recruitment. I can proudly say today that I have built from a vision a business that secures an evolutive career path model for Sales & Marketing professionals from entry level to senior executives and support staffing strategies for the most reknown Consumer Market and BtoB organisations as well as SME in Belgium.

Laurent Deramaix


When plan A is not working, plan B is not working, there are still 24 other letters in the Alphabet...

As Sales Operations and Strategy director at Microsoft, Laurent is acting as a strategic advisor and sales coach, transforming the business in the Enterprise & Partner Group. This includes change management, operationalising company strategy, leading behavior and culture change and landing seller role accountabilities. He started his career at Microsoft in 2010 where he led the Microsoft Advertising organization until 2015. Before joining Microsoft Laurent was already active in the media industry as Digital Director at RMB, the advertising saleshouse of several publishers, including RTBF. Laurent Deramaix has also more than 10 years experience in the ICT sector, where he was CRM Project Leader at Traviata, Sales Manager at IRIS Group and Global Head of Sales & Marketing at Jonckers Software Localization.