EMDMC Alumni: Exceptional meeting

When? on October, 18th at 6:00 pm

Special EMMA alumni guest: Antoine Cardyn, a really atypical entrepreneur.

A drink with Antoine Cardyn

Captain The Rough Seas: How I 4x’d my Bali-based tourism business during the pandemic by turning my team into a Navy Sales squad.

My life has always been divided between adventures and an exciting career. I have been working as a snowboard coach in the Alps, have been living in Hawaii and have also been captain of my tennis team in Brussels. At the age of 25 I visited Bali and promised myself that I would come back to live there. After ten years at Microsoft, it was time. I packed my bag, rented my flat and moved to Bali. It took me some time to settle. I tried different businesses such as yoga clothing, surfboard design and video game development—all the above with little or no success at all. Then I turned to the real estate business…
The rest of the adventure is to be discovered on October 18th….

My mini-CV 
• SOLVAY master’s in business and Economics,
• SOLVAY Executive MBA in Finance,
• SOLVAY Executive MBA in Marketing and Advertising, => High Honors and congratulations of the Jury.

JOBS 2006 to 2015
• MICROSOFT Amsterdam, PR Assistant. 2 Years => Keeping a good relationship between Microsoft and NGOS. While maximizing our estate in the press.
• MICROSOFT Belux OEM Account Manager. 2 Years. => Selling the Office suite and Windows to computer builders
• MICROSOFT ADVERTISING BELUX. Senior account executive. 6 years, => Selling online Media space to big account like LOREAL, Citroen, Kia…

• OWNER AND DIRECTOR of TJM Villa Management company. => We are managing High luxury villas for daily rental in Bali. 50 Employees. 32 Listings. Company Revenue $ 40k/month.
• OWNER AND DIRECTOR of CERDAS REAL ESTATE Development company. Building and Managing villas.


Havas, Rue des Boiteux, 9 in 1000 Brussels


6:00pm Welcome
6:30pm Start of the session and welcome
6:35pm Antoine Cardyn’s intervention
7:15pm Question/answer.
7:25pm Conclusion
7:30pm -8:30pm Drink

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