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The Belgian Marketing Awards

Because meaningful marketing needs to be rewarded

The needs and expectations of citizens, decision makers and customers have changed. Fundamentally. And this calls for a profound shift in our business thinking. That is our deepest, most intimate conviction.

It is no longer legitimate for businesses to measure success by financial profit alone. We need a different model, based on shared values. It is the only way to play a relevant role in the lives of our customers. And the means to this end is called Meaningful Marketing.

Meaningful marketing requires customer centric thinking with an holistic view. It means creating a shared value model for the company, the customer and society. It involves developing collaborative models and being transparent in the way to organise the value chain. And it should result in new products and services, adapted to the most personal need of the individual customer. All while keeping in mind the effect on different communities and the impact on our planet.

We believe a profound transformation like this can’t be achieved by academics and business leaders alone. It needs to be driven and implemented by marketeers. It is they who are on the forefront. It’s they who should fuel and nurture the customer centric transformation in the hearts of their companies and organisations.

This ambitious vision is shared amongst the Belgian business community, represented by ACC, BAM, BMMA, CUBE, UMA and VBO/FEB. This is why they all decided to join the Belgian Association of Marketing in the launch of the Belgian Marketing Awards.

With the Belgian Marketing Awards – starting in 2020 – these leading organisations wish to honour mature or young companies as well as marketing professionals who distinguish themselves by meaningful, customer centric transformations and innovations.

The final goal of the Belgian Marketing Awards is to promote best practices and to create a source of inspiration for all passionate marketeers. Because we believe that, in order to be meaningful, marketing should help drive positive changes in society.

That is why, from now on, it will be an acknowledged measure of success.


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