Who will win a Belgian Marketing Award 2022?
Discover the winners on November 9 !

The Belgian Marketing Awards

The Belgian Marketing Awards reward companies and individuals who are successful in meaningful, customer centric transformations and innovations. These awards are founded by the 6 leading Belgian marketing organizations i.e. ACC, BAM, BABM, BMMA, CUBE and UMA and are sponsored by Deloitte and Trends-Tendances. The goal is to promote best practices and create a source of inspiration for all passionate marketers.

The Categories

  • Belgian Marketing Company of the Year
    Has your company delivered superior business results thanks to implementing a successful customer-centric innovation or transformation? And did you accomplish that while acting in coherence with the Meaning Marketing Framework? Then your company may well become the Belgian Marketing Company of the Year 2021! 
  • Young Belgian Marketing Company of the Year (younger than 5 years)
    Is your brand, company or organization active on the Belgian market for 2 – 5 years? And has it introduced a successful customer-centric innovation? Then we look forward to learning from your journey. The most inspiring case showing leadership, excellence and innovative practice from trail-blazing marketers will be awarded as Young Belgian Marketing Company of the year!
  • Marketing Leader(ship) of the Year
    This award is open to all marketing professionals in Belgium who have achieved business successes over the past few years thanks to being fully committed to a customer-centric marketing policy. Our potential winner combines strong marketing vision, execution power and innovation speed. He or she embraces the Meaningful Marketing framework and has inspiring stories to tell about re-engineering the marketing practice into a meaningful marketing practice while staying true to strategy, goals and delivering superior business results.

This Year's Nominees

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